Failure Testing & Analysis

Failure is the last word or clients like to hear, whether they be owner, engineer or contractor, but from time to time, failure does happen.

Failure needs to be a teacher, and we must learn from our mistakes.

Failure analysis requires a keen sense and a thorough understanding of failure modes and mechanisms along with the ability to test, record, report and assess possible and potential contributing factors.To this end, our paint inspection team is highly trained and experienced in making initial assessments and at pinpointing potential cause and effect relationships that are unique to the professional coating industry.

What may seem obvious to some is rarely the case when it come to coating failure.

The facts surrounding the failure may be the result of improper surface preparation, coating mixing and or application or the wrong coating specified for the owner’s intended purpose. Regardless of the cause, our clients rely on Coating Inspectors to not only determine why and how the coating failed, but to also define and implement a solution so their respective facility, tank farm, bridge, pipeline or other structure can be returned to service as soon as possible with an uninterrupted and extended service life.

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