Project Management

Our clients are busy handling their own respective day to day operations and they have little time, and perhaps lack the skill and expertise required to handle all of the aspects of a professional coating project. Our staff relies on state of the art project schedule tracking and we know what needs to be accomplished and the manner required to safely and effectively complete each task.

Many of our paint inspection team members have been in the professional coating industry beginning as hands on craft people, and their experience dictates they know precisely the best methods and practices to employ to achieve a desired result.

Our TEAM (Teach, Evaluate, Administer and Manage) approach guides a project through the inevitable hurdles, and our experience dictates we see the pitfalls long before they become problems.

We work with foresight, fortitude and friendliness and treat all parties with the utmost respect, dignity and professionalism while always keeping in mind that we represent the best interests of our clients at all times.

Please contact us if you’d like to request additional information, clarification, or an estimate regarding our painting and coating inspection/inspector services or any of the other coating inspector support services that we offer.