Litigation Support & Expert Witness

While litigation is an area our clients prefer to avoid, it is nonetheless omnipresent in the professional coating industry.

Our staff members are precisely selected to work on behalf of our clients based upon their background, education and experience.

While dispute resolution is always in the best interest of all involved parties, our clients are provided with a comprehensive and extremely detailed analysis of their position with respect to their matter.

We give realistic interpretations and expert opinions on the strength or weakness of all involved parties and we are often called upon to extrapolate the available data into information that is useful to our clients.

While most of our clients are represented by legal advisors, we have the task of taking industry specifics, terminology and practices and translating them into an easily understood manner.

Our goal is to simplify the complex and support our clients throughout their respective decision making process.

Should it be necessary, our litigation support team is both poised and prepared to substantiate, document and illustrate to a jury that our client’s position is well founded on facts.

Please contact us if you’d like to request additional information, clarification, or an estimate regarding our painting and coating inspection/inspector services or any of the other coating inspector support services that we offer.