paint specification writing Services

There is no doubt that a well written and comprehensive project specification is the preamble to a successful final project completion. Not only must it be clear and concise, but it must also be fully understood by all so there are limited disagreements, misinterpretations and disruptions to the overall effective and efficient project completion.

Our staff specializes in defining all aspects of a project with measureable and quantifiable data that is easily interpreted so hold point times are minimized.

We build a team with owners, engineers, contractors, coating and materials suppliers and project managers where all roles are fully understood and the fundamentals of all interrelated disciplines is crystal clear.

One of our main strengths is selecting the proper surface preparation techniques and selecting a coating system that will meet the demands of our clients requirements.

When our project design capabilities are coupled with our inspection and project management services, our clients are assured that their project is in the best of hands.

Please contact us if you’d like to request additional information, clarification, or an estimate regarding our painting and coating inspection/inspector services or any of the other coating inspector support services that we offer.